Tourism and Hospitality Labour Market Research

Tourism HR Canada provides a wide range of research documents which educators can use to further their knowledge and boost students’ understanding of human resource and labour trends in tourism and hospitality—including details on the predicted demand for tourism employees.

Workforce Demographics - Access employment statistics based on census data for each of the tourism industry groups, as well as demographic profiles of the tourism labour force by region, industry group, and selected occupations.

Compensation and Benefits - Explore median annual salary and/or hourly wage information for 31 tourism occupations by industry group, region, and employment status, plus data on gratuity practices, benefits and perquisites, investment in human resource management practices, employee turnover, and the impact of minimum wage increases.

Tourism Labour Supply and Demand – Learn about the implications of long-term demographic and economic trends on labour supply and demand in Canada’s tourism sector, and the potential labour shortages over the next 20 years by industry, by province, and by occupation.

Post-Secondary Program Comparison, Articulation and Reciprocity – View the results of targeted research projects that compare and map learning outcomes for a variety of educational institutions as well as industry associations, both nationally and internationally. The goal is to further the development of protocols, processes and frameworks to support effective mechanisms for recognizing prior learning within tourism occupations.