Curriculum and Lesson Planning Resources

Based on industry validated National Occupational Standards and business planning tools, these resources were designed to inform and complement tourism and hospitality curricula.

Tourism and Hospitality WebQuests – Online activities designed to promote self-guided research, discovery and further learning for high school students or introductory level tourism and hospitality students.

emerit National Occupational Standards - Developed by tourism professionals in collaboration with leading tourism organizations across Canada, these describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for competency in a particular occupation. Standards can be used to inform curriculum with industry practice and create exercises for writing interview questions, job descriptions, and even conducting job analysis.

emerit Training Resources - Students can work independently to master new skills. Educators can augment classroom instruction with this adaptable suite of products offering the flexibility of customization and the convenience of self-directed learning.

emerit Certification – Earning this credential allows students to show they meet a nationally specified standard of competency in a particular occupation. Certified individuals obtain a professional designation and increase their chances for job mobility and other opportunities.

HR Planning Resources - Prepare students for their management careers by connecting them to industry resources using emerit’s extensive collection of customizable business tools, trainer resources and national reports.