Job Creation in Tourism

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A Little Training Goes a Long Way

Tourism is one of the world’s biggest industries, a job-creator and a force for peace in small and large communities. It is the largest employer of individuals with little education or workforce experience, giving them a solid start in finding economic independence. Such a start can open up entrepreneurial opportunities, and the creation of small businesses, particularly where tourism has been identified by the national government as a priority economic sector.

What is emerit?

emerit is a training and certification system developed by Tourism HR Canada, supported for over 20 years by the Canadian Government and the Canadian tourism industry.

emerit is backed by occupational or skill standards developed by expert job incumbents together with psychometric professionals. These standards describe the skills, knowledge and attitudes an individual needs to be successful in an occupation.

emerit is occupation-specific training based on the standards and designed for work-readiness. It is available as workbooks or on-line modules, and can be used in the workplace, in a classroom setting, or as self-directed training.

emerit is professional credentials for over 30 entry level to management occupations in accommodation, food and beverage, guiding, tour operation, events, travel and retail. Successful completion of an on-line test and evidence of the required experience provides a recognized professional credential.

emerit is Labour Market Information that helps employers develop HR plans to find and help employees, and helps job seekers identify employment opportunities.

Available for over 40 occupations and a wide range of experience levels, emerit is the most comprehensive industry developed training available anywhere in the world. Training resources from emerit are cost effective, and work on their own or as part of an existing training program.

emerit training has been adopted by businesses in Canada and around the world and is regularly used in government programs helping Aboriginal, disabled, disadvantaged and under-employed individuals enter the workforce, rise out of poverty and build a career.

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