Canada Job Grant

As a business owner or manager, you understand what skills and training your current and potential employees need to contribute to the success of the business and to build challenging, fulfilling careers.

The Canada Job Grant provides businesses of all sizes and in all sectors with funding assistance to offset training costs for new or existing employees. Up to two thirds of the cost of training could be eligible for funding, with the employer required to pay the remaining one third of the training cost. Flexible arrangements are available for small businesses, who may be able to claim wages as part of their contribution.

For tourism related businesses and occupations, emerit Training Solutions products and programs are eligible for funding through the Canada Job Grant. Training and certification programs for dozens of occupations, customer service training, sensitivity and diversity training and more are available from emerit. To learn more, visit

For more information about the Canada Job Grant in your Province or Territory, follow the links below, contact your tourism Human Resource Organization, or call 1.800.486.9158 to speak to an emerit Training Solutions Specialist.

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