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The Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism’s success is due to the many partnerships that have been established with tourism sector businesses.

Partners provide up to date and real life information and experience to CATT schools and students. This gives students a realistic view of the working world, which helps them transition from high school to postsecondary education and entry level jobs in tourism. As a CATT partner, you benefit directly by giving back to your community, receiving positive publicity, and shaping tomorrow’s tourism sector workforce.

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How to Partner with CATT

Are you involved in a business related to tourism? Engage with tomorrow’s industry leaders by participating in national or local projects.

  • Offer financial support. Partners gain national publicity by co-hosting an event or conference or partnering on a national project. Partners can also generate local exposure by contributing to nearby CATT programs and their schools.
  • Provide in-kind support. Build interest in your business by offering goods or services in place of funding and help offset expenses for CATT programs, seminars and conferences. From donated airline tickets and accommodations to raffle items and bus passes, opportunities abound for you to be involved.
  • Fund scholarships for CATT students. Partners can help establish a skilled and educated tourism workforce by funding postsecondary scholarships for CATT students.
  • Arrange work placements. Benefit from having a CATT student work in your establishment. It’s a win-win situation: the student gains valuable firsthand work experience in the tourism sector, and you increase your available staff.
  • Supply familiarization experiences. Generate some buzz about your business by offering familiarization tours—experiential events that allow participants to see what local area tourism has to offer.
  • Encourage teacher training. Stay connected with those who are guiding your future employees—invite teachers to tourism staff training and development events at local sites.

Contact CATT for more information about partnership opportunities.

The Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism program is enhanced by educators, industry partners, local tourism businesses and community members who volunteer and offer valuable insight.

Volunteer Now

  • Be a guest speaker. Are you a CATT alumnus, a tourism sector employer or entrepreneur, or a member of the community with a tourism background? Share your knowledge and personal experience in tourism by speaking to CATT students and teachers.
  • Lead a familiarization tour. Take a group of CATT students and their teachers on a tour and show them what your local area—and a career in tourism—can offer.
  • Provide work placement opportunities. Hands-on experience is one of the best ways for students to learn. Offer a CATT student a position in your tourism business.
  • Train a CATT teacher. Invite a CATT teacher to sit in on your next tourism staff training session. You’ll engage the teacher directly in your tourism business and you’ll add to that teacher’s experiential teaching skills.

Contact CATT to connect with your local CATT program.