Canadian Tourism Employment Monthly Snapshot February 2017

In February 2017, the unemployment rate  in the tourism sector was at 6.5%, which is 0.1% lower than the rate reported in February 2016, but higher than the previous month (January 2017) when the unemployment rate stood at 6.1%.

At 6.5%, tourism’s unemployment rate was well below Canada’s seasonally unadjusted unemployment rate of 7.0%.

The only industry groups to have reported lower unemployment rates than they had one year ago are the food and beverage sector and the transportation sector. All other industry groups have reported higher unemployment rates than last year.

On a provincial basis, tourism unemployment rates ranged from 4.0% in Saskatchewan to 16.7% in Prince Edward Island.

The seasonally unadjusted unemployment rates for tourism in each province for this month saw four provinces above the rates reported for their individual provincial economy, while the rest were slightly below the rates reported.

Tourism employment comprised 11.1% of the total Canadian labour force for the month of February.