Tourism HR Canada and Skills/Compétences Canada Announce Partnership

Shaun Thorson, CEO Skills/Compétences Canada and Philip Mondor, President, Tourism HR Canada

Tourism HR Canada is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC). The two organizations have worked together successfully in the past, and this agreement formalizes this working relationship and recognizes the common goal of developing a skilled workforce that exists within both organizations’ mandates.

SCC is a national not-for-profit organization that actively promotes careers in skilled trades to Canadian youth, including several trades within the tourism industry. Tourism HR Canada is a national organization working to improve the quality of the Canadian tourism workforce by identifying and addressing HR issues, including promoting employment in tourism trades as a path to a rewarding and challenging career.

The tourism industry in Canada employs over 500,000 youth, making it one of the largest employers of young people in the country. For many young people, employment in the tourism sector represents their initial entry into the workforce; however, the number of young people who pursue careers in the sector must be increased to sustain our tourism workforce. To accomplish this goal, the image of careers in skilled tourism trades must be improved.

SCC and Tourism HR Canada are in a unique position to work together to promote tourism careers by highlighting each other’s existing efforts in this area. By promoting and attending the annual Skills Canada National Competition, and providing additional recognition to the participants, Tourism HR Canada can demonstrate that tourism trades deserve to be regarded as viable career choices along with skilled trades in other sectors. At the same time, by promoting Tourism HR Canada’s industry recognized, competency-based training and certification programs to participating youth and member organizations, SCC can encourage skills development and illustrate career paths on tourism to participating youth, employers and educators.

In addition, the two organizations will strengthen their engagement with and promotion of each other’s work through newsletters, website links and social media, with each organization reaching new audiences through the other’s existing network of champions and followers.

Through these efforts, Tourism HR Canada and Skills/Compétences Canada will work towards their common goal of promoting career opportunities for youth, benefitting both organizations, the young people starting out in their careers, and the Canadian tourism industry as a whole.

Photo caption: Shaun Thorson, CEO, Skills/Compétences Canada and Philip Mondor, President, Tourism HR Canada