Tourism HR Canada Presents HR Award to Hotel Association of Canada President Anthony Pollard

Anthony Pollard Tourism HR Canada Presents HR Award to Hotel Association of Canada President Anthony Pollard

OTTAWA, June 21, 2016—Tourism HR Canada has presented Anthony Pollard, President of the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC), with a special award recognizing his contribution to advancing progressive HR practices in Canada’s tourism sector.

In addition to his 25 years working on behalf of the Canadian lodging industry at the HAC, and his work with various industry associations and educational institutes, Mr. Pollard is a founding member of Tourism HR Canada’s Board of Directors, and has acted as Treasurer for the organization for several years. His commitment to working with industry to improve the tourism sector as a whole, and his forward thinking has proven to be invaluable to the Board as it works to address current and emerging tourism human resource issues in Canada.

Mr. Pollard has announced his retirement from the HAC effective August 31, 2016. The award was presented by Tourism HR Canada President Philip Mondor at a special Board of Directors dinner in Mr. Pollard’s honour.

“This award recognizes the remarkable career of a true champion of Canadian tourism,” said Tourism HR Canada President Philip Mondor. “Tony has worked tirelessly to improve Canada’s ability to not only attract visitors, but also to ensure that they are welcomed and well-served throughout their time here. His dedication to advancing tourism human resource practices that help Canada deliver quality service and authentic experiences has highlighted the importance of developing a truly exceptional Canadian tourism workforce, and has contributed in a meaningful way to building a globally competitive Canadian tourism sector.”

As we extend our best wishes to Mr. Pollard on his retirement, and our congratulations on a remarkable career, Tourism HR Canada will continue working with the Hotel Association of Canada to build on the advancements he has helped achieve for tourism businesses, employees and the visitors that they serve.