Tourism HR Canada Announces Partnership with HireUp – November 2015

Paul Klein (L), President of Impakt Corp. and Founder of HireUp, and Philip Mondor, President, Tourism HR Canada

Tourism HR Canada is pleased to announce that it is partnering with HireUp, a social enterprise initiative of Impakt Corporation.

HireUp is an online initiative designed to connect employers with youth-serving organizations that deliver employment and support programs across Canada for youth with lived experience of homelessness. It connects youth with meaningful employment through building partnerships between the private sector and youth-serving organizations, and includes a national online hiring portal to bring youth and employers together.

Tourism HR Canada develops and delivers world class occupational training through its emerit training and certification brand, and is working with HireUp to provide entry-level job skills training to the youth-serving organizations participating in the program. Access to emerit’s Workplace Essentials and Canadian Workplace Essentials training programs will provide participants with the transferable workplace skills they need to secure entry into the workforce and start to build a successful, rewarding career.

This partnership will help lift affected youth out of poverty, giving them the tools and confidence they need to reach their goals and be a positive force in their communities. Together, Tourism HR Canada and HireUp believe that this partnership can be a significant step toward ending youth homelessness in Canada.