CTHRC Announces Retirement of President Wendy Swedlove

Wendy SwedloveAfter a remarkable thirty year career as a national leader and tireless champion for those working in the Canadian tourism industry, CTHRC President Wendy Swedlove will be retiring effective March 31, 2015.

Wendy is the founding President of the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council. For over 20 years, the Council’s mandate has been to support the tourism sector in addressing human resource issues and building a globally competitive and sustainable tourism industry in Canada. Prior to founding the CTHRC, Wendy was with Tourism Canada, the organization that is now the Canadian Tourism Commission.

Under Wendy’s leadership, the Council has become the world leader in tourism research and labour market information. This work has been essential for understanding the sector’s employment characteristics, growth, compensation, and labour supply/demand gaps. The Council has also developed dozens of National and International Occupational Standards and Professional Certification programs, and a library of workbooks, online training, and resources for business and educators under the emerit brand.

Wendy has been a vocal proponent for the recognition of all work as having real economic, societal, and personal value, especially work in service occupations often overlooked, or worse, dismissed by the general public as being “dead end” jobs instead of fulfilling careers. Due in large part to Wendy’s dedication to professionalism and the public image of tourism and hospitality careers, almost twenty thousand individuals have been certified through emerit. For many, this certification has had a profound impact on their lives, providing recognition of their skills and professional accomplishments, and fostering a sense of value and pride in their career, whether they work on the front lines of customer service or in a management role.

Under Wendy’s guidance, the Council has developed a strong network of tourism partners across Canada, who deliver emerit and related programs. These programs include Ready to Work, an employment readiness program which has given nearly twenty thousand Aboriginals, new Canadians, people with disabilities, seniors and Canadian youth the essential skills they need to be successful in the world of work. Also serving youth, the Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism (CATT) is a high school program based on Council resources which introduces students to the tourism industry and tourism related careers in over 100 schools across Canada.

Throughout Wendy’s career, countless associates, members of the Board, provincial and territorial partners, and Council staff have benefitted from her advice and mentorship, both professionally and personally. Her leadership has been defined by a willingness to listen, an ability to engage in debate and discussion, and the confidence to gain consensus, make difficult decisions and see them through.

As we wish Wendy all the best in her well-deserved retirement, the CTHRC staff will strive to match the enthusiasm and commitment to the Council’s mandate that she has shown in her role as President. The work she has done has built the exemplary, global reputation that the CTHRC enjoys, and has set the Council on a path that ensures success for many years to come.

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