CTHRC Research Featured at UNWTO/PATA Forum in Hong Kong

CTHRC Research Featured at UNWTO PATA Forum in Hong KongOn behalf of the Peoples Government of Guilin of China, the World Tourism Organization and the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the CTHRC is invited to make a presentation highlighting the most recent results of five different lines of the Council’s ongoing Canadian tourism work force research.  During the Forum taking place in late October the Council will present on:

  • Demographic profiling of tourism employees using census data;
  • Tourism labour supply and demand modeling of future labour shortages and surpluses;
  • Surveys of tourism sector compensation;
  • The update and development of a regional extension of the Human Resource Module of the Tourism Satellite Account;
  • Workplace Matters Employer and Employee Panel survey.

The Forum will be attended by government policy makers, senior officials, industry representatives and researchers.

The presentation showcases the history, accomplishments and insights that have emerged from CTHRC’s leading edge work measuring employment in the tourism industries and developing associated tourism labour market information, which has been recently featured and recognized in a Canadian Case Study on the subject prepared at the request of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for publication under the framework of their partnership agreement with UNWTO.  The presentation will highlight the pioneering work of CTHRC, Statistics Canada and the Canadian Tourism Commission in developing the Human Resource Module of the Tourism Satellite Account and the views and insights it provides of the national work force in the Canadian tourism sector.  Included too will be the results of the Council’s innovative work with the Canadian Tourism Research Institute of the Conference Board of Canada, in modeling and forecasting current and future tourism labour supply and demand and their industry development implications.

In addition to the presentation at to the UNWTO/PATA Forum on Trends and Outlook being held in Guilin, China this information will also be presented to the faculty and students of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.