Tourism Labour Market Information by Federal Riding

Tourism HR Canada is pleased to announce the availability of tourism Labour Market Information at the Federal riding level. These summaries provide information by riding on the number of tourism employees, tourism businesses, tourism employees as a percentage of the local labour force, and the share of the tourism labour force by industry segment (Accommodations, Food and Beverage, Travel Services, Entertainment and Recreation, and Transportation).

This information will be useful to policy makers, employers seeking an understanding of their labour market, workers seeking employment, and other tourism stakeholders. Data is available for all 338 federal electoral districts. To request data for your riding, please contact

Below are examples of Tourism HR Canada’s riding level documents.

The data in our riding level documents is drawn from Statistics Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey. While conflicting figures may exist, this enumeration of Canada’s population collects the most detailed and up to date data available on Canadians’ place in the labour force. Federal electoral riding data will be updated with information from the 2016 census when it becomes available. 


Data on the number of tourism businesses in Canada is drawn from Statistics Canada’s 2015 Canadian business counts, which counts active businesses by industry classification.