Presentations available from the 2011 Tourism HR Forum.
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A Great Workplace: How to Build it, Keep it and Why it Matters

José Tolovi Neto, Managing Partner, Great Place to Work® Institute

Peaks and Valleys: Solutions to Staffing Seasonal Operations

Robert Daniel Beeraj, Director, Recruitment and Retention Branch, Parks Canada Agency
Emily Ingersoll, Director, Human Resources, The Fairmont Algonquin
Brigid Milway, Operations Manager, COWS Inc.

For Better or Worse: How Social Media is Impacting the Workplace

Mike Farrell, Senior Vice President Research & Strategic Insight, Conversion Marketing Communication
Mark Thompson, President & CEO, McKinley Solutions Exchange

The Changing Face of the Tourism Workforce: Integrating New Canadians and Temporary Foreign Workers

Steven Claveau, Employment Specialist, Immigration Settlement & Integration Services (ISIS)
Costa Elles, Owner, Opa Greek Taverna
Dianne Griffin, Director of Human Resources, D.P. Murphy Hotels and Resorts

Employee Training: How Much is Enough?

Anna Bedard, Director of Training and Leadership Development, Boston Pizza International Inc.
Zubair Siddiqi, General Manager, Delta Prince Edward Island 
Glenn Squires, President & CEO, Pacrim Hospitality Services Inc.

Planning Today for Tomorrow's HR Challenges

Glenn Squires, President & CEO, Pacrim Hospitality Services Inc.

Partnering for Success: Connecting Education and Industry

Debra Johns, Vice President, Campus Operations, Eastern College
Stan Cook Jr., Stan Cook Sea Kayak Adventures
Jim Gertridge, Director of Operations, Rodd Hotels and Resorts

Organizational Change: Is Your Talent Pool Deep Enough?

William Pallett, Senior Vice President of People Resources, Delta Hotels and Resorts
Carl Nicholson, General Manager, New Glasgow Lobster Suppers
Christine Maassen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Silver Birch Hotels & Resorts

Compensation: What's the Real Investment?

Jennifer Hendy, Director of Research, Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council
Cindy Lecky, Human Resource Manager, TUI Travel
Réal Robichaud, Executive Director, Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick

The Winner Within – Life Before Can't

Randy Taylor - Canadian Broadcaster, President, Taylormadeleadership